Essentials 12 x 12
Essentials 12 x 12
3D model of a 12x12 Composite Deck
Essentials 12 x 12
Essentials 12 x 12
Essentials 12 x 12
Essentials 12 x 12
Essentials 12 x 12
Essentials 12 x 12

Essentials 12 x 12

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Core Features - 144 sqft | 3 steps | Railing

Everything you need Included.


When it comes to essentials, this is our most popular starting point. Whilst it might look modest in scale, don't be fooled by the images. This deck design has plenty of room for entertaining, relaxing, and just kicking back to enjoy the summer. And it's the total package, everything taken care of. From foundation to permits, with stair and railing add-ons included.

Looking for a taller or lower version of this design? Reach out to us. We offer custom quotes to meet your needs.

Tech Specs

Dimensions 12' x 12'
Beam 3ply 2x10 Beam
Joists 2x10 joists
Piles Three helical screw piles
Stairs Three Steps
Height Range 2' - 2' 7 1/2" (2'6" shown) Just ask for more or fewer steps.
Railing "Fortress" aluminum railing | 36" height
Deck Permit Included


Shop with confidence. When you add a deck design to your cart, ten percent of the total will show up. This is your booking deposit. If you want to make a change to the design before we begin. No problem. After booking, we will visit the site and double-check that everything works and mark out your pile locations. Enhancements and budget optimizing are still available following booking.

Twice a year, give your deck a good wash. Start by sweeping. A stiff bristle brush works best for dusting and getting in-between spaces.

Handy Tip: Sweep with the grain. It's easier. After the broom, pre-rinse your deck. Use a garden hose or pressure washer, go over the entire decking, move furniture around and include the fascia (the vertical side pieces around the deck edge).

Remove food or drink spills promptly. Wipe and wash the area with a mild detergent. Clear leaves in the fall Use a plastic shovel for snow removal.

Why choose us?

Streamlined Schedule

For a smooth build time that you can count on, we lineup material purchases immediately. The only thing that holds us back is unworkable weather.

Deck Permits

We like to take care of this. Sending the email to you that the deck permit is approved almost feels as good as the passed inspection one.

Less Waste
Lighter Footprint

We encourage designs that use as much of the purchased material as possible, so you get more deck per dollar. That means fewer cut-offs for less waste.

3D Design
Know Before You Build.

Start confident with a design you can see from many angles. When you book with us, you get a free 3D mockup. Your rendering will present the shape and size of the project to scale. You can view the pattern of decking, railing style, and real depth of the stairs.

Solid Foundation

Support You Can Feel

Expertly built, our helical screw piles combined with home framing quality makes the sturdiest deck possible that mimics the feeling of a rock foundation.