Why choose PVC decking?

Why choose PVC decking?

PVC decking does more than a composite in appearance and durability. It's more realistic with added details and minimal grain repetition. And contains no organic material, so it's extra resistant to moisture and weathering. And it is backed by some of the best warranties.


Low maintenance

Easy to clean. Just some soap and water or a gentle pressure washer is enough. Maybe the occasional sweeping and food or spills cleanup. The big maintenance tasks like sanding, weather sealing, or staining your deck are not needed. PVC is an excellent choice for lakeside properties to help maximize your relaxation time. Very similar to composites in upkeep.



PVC decking stays cooler than composite. It's still not as good as wood, but approximately a 30% increase over the low maintenance alternative. For added barefoot and paws comfort, use lighter decking colours.


Fire Resistance

Since there is no organic material(wood) in PVC decking, they are more fire-resistant. It meets higher fire resistant specs than composite or wood. They are still susceptible to damage from heat. Curved decks use heat blanks to raise the temperature to around 225°F to get PVC decking to bend. So repeatedly heating and cooling from say, a firepit that is too close will cause material failure.


Stain fade & scratch resistance

With incredibly strong polyvinyl(PVC), you can expect less scarring from scrapes, lighter colour fade over the years, and the best stain resistance. This doesn't mean they are impervious. It's still best to clean spills and food right away. For example, use a matt under the bbq—clean any grease that lands on the deck with a mild dish soap detergent. And put on sunscreen and insect repellent while off your deck, which is good practice for all forms of decking material.

Suppose you do get a scratch from something like sliding a large metal table. PVC has the benefit of being able to blend and heal with a heat gun. It takes some practice, but it's a nice "just in case" feature to have.



If the best warranty is top of your list, PVC decking is the right place to look. Azek boasts a Lifetime Limited Warranty and 50-Year Fade & Stain Limited Warranty. This kind of reassurance can only be found in PVC decking. Manufacturers know that it's going to last, even in harsh environments.


Colour / Apperance

With the greatest details and authentic colours, it is made for serious aesthetic appeal. Every technique is used to offer the best of the best. These deck boards are sophisticated, natural-looking, low gloss finishes, and even photorealistic with the Zuri brand. For the most attractive low maintenance deck, PVC consistently has gorgeous deck boards from the major brands.


PVC decking is expensive.

They start at $5.36 per linear foot up to $7.70, which is about 4.5 to 6 times the cost of pressure treated deck boards.



PVC expands and contracts more than other decking materials. This can require larger spacing to prevent boards from lifting. For the tightest spacing, we recommend checking out Deckorators, one of the least prone to temperature variation.



For a hardwood look that has the low maintenance benefits of synthetic decking, Zuri is the best. They are unmatched in their photorealistic printing process.


Promenade and Paramount
100% recyclable PVC synthetic material.

AZEK -TimberTech

Multiple decking widths | 5.5" - standard | 3.5" | 7.5"

Excellent stain resistance